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About Us

How much value does one place on peace of mind?

If you’ve been the victim of a shady or unethical accountant, then you know the value of peace of mind is immeasurable.

Every day we hear horror stories from business owners, many with tales of how their accountant disappeared never to be heard from again, taking all of their financial records and documents with them.

One Source Services, Inc. implements safeguards that ensure this will never happen to anyone who works with us.

We want our clients to have peace of mind; to take a deep breath, exhale the stress of accounting and inhale the freedom to pursue their vision.

Our clients have PEACE OF MIND because:

  • Their information is secure and accessible from anywhere, all the time. Every document and piece of data is stored in the cloud, secure and encrypted. Our user-friendly technology converts paper into electronic data stored safely in the cloud ecosystem. Our clients have learned to use and love this technology!
  • Their books are up-to-date, compliant and CPA-ready. We set-up, cleanup, and catch-up bookkeeping. Are you behind one year’s worth of work (or more)? No problem! We will have it done quickly. With One Source Services, Inc. on your team, you will become your CPA’s favorite client.
  • Unnecessary, profit-bleeding fees are no longer an issue. We reduce or eliminate overdraft fees, late fees, tax extensions and other charges because our clients have better control and knowledge of their financial situation.
  • There’s no more anxiety about year-end tax liabilities because there are no more surprises! Our clients don’t have to rush around or hire a year-end accountant to get the books CPA-ready; their books are ALWAYS CPA-ready!
  • They have the attention, expertise and support of a dedicated, professional accountant whenever they need one. Our staff is available every single day. Our clients love that they can reach their assigned bookkeeper or accountant with a short response time via text, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn Messaging and many other ways. They have easy access to us and we are always available to them. We even work weekends during tax season and while on special projects.
  • They save a ton of money when they hire us to do work that normally takes many departments or vendors to complete. There’s no longer a need for an internal bookkeeping or accounting department, no need for a payroll department or outside processing company, we can even manage IT and HR issues.
  • There’s no big year-end bill. We charge a set, monthly fee for all this peace of mind. You can’t get better than that.

Perhaps you’re not looking for peace of mind, in which case you would not see the value of our service; we aren’t a good fit for everyone.

We are an excellent fit for those who want to find peace of mind, are open to learning new technology, are excited about collaborating on their success, and seek a long-term relationship with partners who focus on their financial interests.

One Source Services, Inc. dba Sherman Oaks Accounting & Bookkeeping does not want to make a quick buck or turn over a high-volume of clients.

We want to improve the quality of life for people who long to spend more time honing their craft, pursuing their vision and doing the things that are important to them.