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Bookkeeping Set up and Cleanup Fees

So you didn’t hire a professional to setup your books right the first time. Or, perhaps you’ve fallen behind on maintaining them.

Whatever your situation may be, here you are now wondering how much it’ll cost to fix the mess.

Hindsight being 20/20, you probably realize you wouldn’t be looking into bookkeeping clean up fees today if you’d initially hired an experienced professional to get it right.

Sherman Oaks Accounting & Bookkeeping powered by One Source Services, Inc. has come to the rescue of countless businesses who tried to save a few bucks by taking matters into their own hands. They didn’t realize their initial bookkeeping set up fee savings would be more than cancelled out by bookkeeping clean up fees later!

Accurate, compliant, thorough bookkeeping is essential for a business to thrive.  An inexperienced bookkeeper can mess up a lot: The Chart of Accounts, designating classes and other categories, formatting invoices, creating inventory catalogs, setting up commissions structures, inputting employees and payroll, and so much more!

It’s worth repeating: Do it right the first time and you will save yourself a lot of time, anxiety, and bookkeeping clean up fees down the road!

Bookkeeping clean up fees should depend on things like the state of your books, how many and what kind of accounts you have, the number of transactions processed during any given time, and many other factors.

Be extremely wary of bookkeepers who provide on-the-spot estimates for clean up fees without seeing your books first; their quotes are probably not  based on real circumstantial understanding and will most likely result in hurried subpar work or unexpected additional fees.

Beware of underestimates!

Inexperienced bookkeepers often incorrectly project how many hours they’ll need. They may not be familiar with things like prime cost, job costing, and other items that are important to your specific industry.

It’s crucial that a bookkeeper has a thorough understanding of your industry and situation before attempting to quote bookkeeping clean up fees.

Businesses often end up paying a lot more in bookkeeping clean up fees later because they initially hired a less qualified bookkeeper.

Sherman Oaks Accounting & Bookkeeping powered by One Source Services, Inc. only quotes bookkeeping clean up fees after a thorough situation assessment and only when we are confident we will meet our commitment.

If your bookkeeping is not timely, complete, and accurate, then you probably won’t know how much income you generated, how much money you spent, or how much profit you had left over.

There is a lot of valuable information that can be interpreted from meaningful financial statements born out of good bookkeeping practices.

Hiring a professional to set up, clean up, and maintain bookkeeping, like Sherman Oaks Accounting & Bookkeeping powered by One Source Services, Inc. will maximize your tax deductions and reduce your tax liability.

An experienced bookkeeper will record transactions accurately, provide regular reports that analyze the combined effect of transactions over a period of time, and monitor overall business health.

Do you know exactly how much your bank account balance is today, less the outstanding transactions? Your Sherman Oaks Accounting & Bookkeeping powered by One Source Services, Inc. bookkeeper would know.

How close to budget are you currently? What is the average customer aging for invoice payments? How did sales perform this month over the same month last year?

If your books had been set up property and then responsibly maintained, you would be able to easily look up the data.

There is no replacement for a good bookkeeper. You may have learned the hard way that proper setup and maintenance will avoid the need for additional bookkeeping clean up fees. And when the need arises, hiring a professional to clean and catch up the books will save time and money in the end.

As our owner, Anna, often says, “If you think it is expensive to hire a professional, hire an amateur!”