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How We Went Paperless

On a scale of 1-10, how paperless is your office?

Sherman Oaks Accounting & Bookkeeping powered by One Source Services, Inc. easily rates a TEN.

Our work environment is literally paperless (with the exception of a few coloring pages we keep for visiting kids).

After researching and vetting many cloud-based applications, we implemented only the best ones. Then we put everything in the cloud.

QuickBooks Online was a no-brainer for us; we loved it so much that we designed a lot of our business around it.   It is an extremely convenient remote option.

But, it’s not the only option! There are many other useful cloud-accounting programs, like AccountingSuite and BuilderTrend.

Business owners, managers, bookkeepers or accountants can easily login with their own secure credentials from any web browser, giving all authorized personnel powerful access to information from anywhere at anytime.

Speaking of personnel, you can even paperlessly process payroll!

There’s no local software to manage, data is secure on Intuit servers, no backup is needed, and no need to purchase more storage.

Invoices and statements can be automatically generated, sent to clients, even paid to you automatically with free or low-fee ACH and credit card processing!

Reports can be automatically generated and sent.

Reconciliation is simplified by automatic nightly bank and credit card transaction downloads.

Inventory can be tracked first-in-first-out.

We often work with multiple online windows open simultaneously and there are free mobile apps for your mobile devices.

What’s not to love? Accessibility, flexibility, and convenience at your fingertips.

We digitized all of our documents and other papers using cloud-based applications that integrate so well with cloud-accounting software.

We archived everything securely and organized it in cloud folders instead of file cabinets and desktop piles.

We introduced our team to cloud-based project management, secure document archival,  and workflow software that eliminated post-it notes & paper to-do lists.

Our team digitally shares notes, lists, ideas, images, and all sorts of things that would have otherwise been distributed on paper.

We even assign tasks with due dates! It’s customizable and fun to work with.

Then there is TSheets, seamlessly integrating employee time and location tracking in the cloud.

TSheets works with most cloud-accounting software systems and has made work-life easier for our employees and the people who manage them.

With so many applications to choose from, who has time to try them all?

That’s what we’re here for! We tried many and eliminated the ones that we didn’t like. We even became certified partners with the ones that we loved!

Being certified means that we can set you up and get you going on these apps then train you and your entire team on how to best use them.

Those of you who already work with us know that we are always there for support, even after you’re up and running.

Go paperless!