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The Cloud Ecosystem

What is the cloud ecosystem?

Essentially, the cloud ecosystem is Internet-based computing.

It is a network of servers hosted on the Internet that archives, manages and processes data. Large groups of remote servers are networked to share data processing, centralize data and have online access to resources.

Cloud technology provides many advantages: less-to-no paper, instant access to information, more free time, fewer human errors, fraud and loss prevention, faster processing, and quicker approvals, to name a few.

Choosing the right cloud technology programs is critical to getting the most out of the cloud. In a world full of applications, we put a lot of research and consideration into understanding our clients’ needs before we select cloud-based programs for them.

Cloud-Based Document Management

Sherman Oaks Accounting & Bookkeeping powered by One Source Services, Inc. uses the cloud-based Hubdoc app to automate the document sorting process and is a proud Hubdoc Certified Advanced Partner.

Hubdoc supports e-mail, desktop, and mobile uploads of cash receipts and documents. It even automatically fetches documents from financial institutions and major vendors. It In other words, you can digitize your receipts or invoices from anywhere then upload and store them in the cloud. The documents are automatically sorted based on vendor name with customizable labels for categorizing purposes, then archived in folders. By using the Hubdoc platform to collect and manage financial documents, our clients save a LOT of time.

Automating the document sorting process allows us to simplify finances and shift our attention from mundane administrative work to things that make a bigger difference to financial performance.

Plus, clients have more peace of mind when they enter their banking credentials directly into Hubdoc, eliminating the need for their employees and bookkeepers to manage logins and the accompanying liability.

Cloud-Based Programs We Love

There are many, many choices out there for cloud accounting and business management software applications. TSheets, Bill.com and of course, QuickBooks Online are some of our favorites. All of them, including the Hubdoc app discussed above, integrate well with each other.

Bill.com, for instance, allows us to set-up automated accounts payable workflows. By using Hubdoc to automatically fetch bills from major vendors and publish them to Bill.com, some Hubdoc users have seen reductions in bill approval and payment times by up to 50%.

At Sherman Oaks Accounting & Bookkeeping powered by One Source Services Inc., we aim to manage the details while our clients invest time doing what is important to them, whether that be growing wealth or spending more time with family.

Through the use of cloud technology, our team is able to provide meaningful financial statements and make financial data easier to understand.

These tools empower us to get things done, solve problems, cultivate results and enable our clients to make informed decisions. It’s one way we take the stress out of accounting and leave folks free to excel at what they do.