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Accounting Services

  • Accounting for Freelancers

    Accountants for freelancers understand the challenges of freelancing and have business tools to address them. [read more]

  • High Net Worth Individual Accounting

    Our wealth management professionals will give your high net worth the attention it deserves and make your money work harder through careful planning, asset protection and tax optimization. [read more]

  • Estate Planning For High Net-Worth Individuals

    Most of us don't like to think about our mortality, but there are many sophisticated financial tools available for estate planning for high net-worth individuals. [read more]

  • Daily Money Management

    We'll spend all the time you need to feel comfortable handling your daily finances on your own. We want to see you take charge of your financial future! [read more]

  • Budgeting

    Good planning is essential for profitability. Don't become a failure statistic because your business ran out of money. Budget for success! [read more]

  • Accounts Payable And Expenses

    Properly recording business costs provides useful data for making good decisions. Which is the better way: expenses or accounts payable? [read more]

  • Accounts Receivable

    Advances in cloud accounting have made managing receivables and client payments easier than ever. [read more]

  • Invoicing

    Invoicing is the most polite way to request money. Without a good invoicing system in place, a business might not get paid. [read more]

  • Debt Recovery

    Sherman Oaks Accounting & Bookkeeping has a solution for businesses who want to try something else before hiring a certified commercial collections agency. [read more]