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Every quarter, One Source Services, Inc. spotlights a vital employee who adds huge value to our practice.

Our fourth quarter 2018 employee spotlight shines on Elizabeth Quick!

Elizabeth is a world traveler originally from Scotland. She’s visited 27 countries including Peru, Morocco, France, Thailand, Canada, Iceland, Germany, Chile, Vietnam, Bosnia, Norway, Cambodia, Panama, Bolivia, and Denmark.

Elizabeth joined the One Source Services, Inc. family in October 2017 as a Lead Bookkeeper. Her job is to maintain clients’ books by verifying, allocating, and posting transactions, as well as reconciling and producing financial statements and working on special projects as needed.

Elizabeth loves numbers. She said, “I really like puzzles and bookkeeping is a lot like a puzzle. ‘Why does this number not match?’ I have to think strategically and work out what happened and how to correct it.”

Elizabeth augmented her management degree with finance classes and a bookkeeping course. After working a few bookkeeping and accounting jobs, she joined One Source Services, Inc.

Elizabeth specializes in more than just bookkeeping; she has worked in 4 different breweries and her Scottish uncle owns MacLeod Ale Brewing in Los Angeles.

Elizabeth is ambitious and dreams of living a fulfilling life helping people. Her aspirations include owning a few houses and a goat farm while earning a passive income, allowing her to do other things like setting-up campaigns that help people with their mental health, assisting the homeless, being a yoga instructor, becoming an amazing surfer, owning a pottery studio, teaching children to garden, and running her own business to help people escape the confines of their minds and live in a happier, more productive way.

Elizabeth’s business would provide people with a modern farm-life experience. “People would come to my farm and pay to live there in quaint little cabins, a yurt, or a tree house. They would learn pottery on my wheel while the sun sets and learn to milk the goat and make cheese. Guests would participate in making wine and enjoy homemade beverages during their stay. Guests would leave with a feeling of joy from laughing around a fire at night, satisfaction from having done physical work, honor from learning things about themselves, self-sufficiency from learning how to make wine, cheese and pottery, and self-worth from being an integral part of tranquil farm life.” Sign us up, Elizabeth! It sounds amazing.

Elizabeth loves to practice yoga. She says that yoga helps with many parts of her life including de-stressing, flexibility, stamina, strength, and mindfulness. She first did yoga while living in Edinburgh and loves that there’s a yoga studio next door to One Source Services, Inc.’s Sherman Oaks office. “Having work and yoga so close together has helped me to go regularly and get into a routine.”

Elizabeth enjoys Thai food, gin and tonics, watching the British TV show Grand Designs, snacking on Trader Joe’s cheese puffs and hummus, and her favorite book is Catcher in the Rye. Her go-to karaoke song is I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor and the coolest celebrity she ever met was Carry Brownstein from Portlandia.

Elizabeth is already an accounting superhero, but if she had to choose another superpower, then she’d like to teleport between different time zones and places. It’s expensive and time consuming for Elizabeth to see her family in Scotland. With teleportation, “I could just ‘pop’ back for the weekend. This would be fantastic and would completely revolutionize traveling. I love to travel and would love to teleport to visit Australia, Iceland (again but for longer), New Zealand, Tanzania, Kenya, Japan, and Brazil.”

We are grateful to our CEO, Anna, for bringing Elizabeth into our lives and the lives of our clients. Elizabeth said everyone should know that, “Anna is a warrior. She has four kids – this fact alone proves she is hardworking and dedicated. Anna is a very patient teacher and never gets annoyed when I make mistakes. This type of leadership is one that I admire. Patience is a great quality I try to exercise regularly. Anna is passionate about her work and is always looking for ways to grow and improve.”

Elizabeth wants to help people live in a more productive and happier way, and she does that everyday for One Source Services, Inc. and our clients. We are fortunate to have her!

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