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Every quarter, One Source Services, Inc. spotlights a vital employee who adds huge value to our practice.

Our second quarter 2019 employee spotlight shines on Elyse Kimberley.

A Continuous Improvement Specialist, Elyse maintains business growth and momentum by working with our search engine optimization (SEO) guru, improving workflow processes, customer service, and quality assurance.

Elyse creates all of our website, social media, and newsletter content. She does her best to make accounting exciting from a non-accountant’s perspective with user-friendly, informational, and aesthetically pleasing content.

In 2016 when One Source Services was just getting started, Anna hired Elyse as her first official employee and they humbly worked together next to the laundry machines in Anna’s garage office.

Since then, the company has grown from a two woman garage to an operation with supporting staff and a Sherman Oaks penthouse office at one of the busiest intersections in Los Angeles.

Elyse’s background is primarily customer service, management, and office administration. She was the Customer Service Quality Control Manager for a tech start-up company that was eventually bought out by PayPal, oversaw a national call center for a large armored car service, managed an office for a wholesale diamond dealer in the L.A. jewelry district, spent a decade as an “Executive Team Leader” in Target stores, and worked for Disney in their cable television division.

With such a variety of experiences, Elyse brings a wide range of valuable skills to One Source Services. She started as Anna’s only assistant, doing bookkeeping and such, then when Stephen was hired to help support the Accounting side of things, Anna created the Continuous Improvement Specialist position for her.

“Anna excels at identifying someone’s strengths and putting them to good use,” Elyse said. “Anna’s passion for teaching, her generosity, humor, openness to new ideas, and ability to have fun doing almost ANYTHING has made this one of my favorite jobs ever.”

Elyse is married and has two daughters, aged 16 and 9, and shares her home with many rescued animals including a dog named Alice and a blind foster cat named Opal Moonstone from Milo’s Sanctuary, Inc., a special needs cat rescue close to her heart.

Telecommuting and a flexible work schedule has enabled Elyse to find work/life balance, allowing her to prioritize work, family, and other things.

She said, “As corny as it may sound, my job with One Source Services is pretty much my dream job. I get to work from home with my animals, help my kids with school and other activities every day, have scheduling flexibility when I need it, do work tasks that I love, collaborate with people who I admire and enjoy, and report to the best boss ever!”

When Elyse isn’t working, she enjoys volunteering at Milo’s Sanctuary, crocheting, watching movies, and riding roller coasters. Her favorite movie is The Princess Bride, she loves dark chocolate, cheese, sweet wine & sangrias, and the occasional mojito. “I used to love swing dancing,” she said, “I could even do the Lindy Hop! Ballroom dancing, too. My wedding dance was a freestyle Foxtrot (like Fred & Ginger) with my husband, who was a good sport about taking dance lessons to pull it off.”

One Source Services is very happy that Elyse is part of our team. We look forward to many more happy years of “Continuous Improvement” with her!

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