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Inbox Zero: Achieving Stress-Free Email By Managing The Stream Of Messages

Inbox Zero is a state of email that we all want to achieve.

It’s about how we manage the messages we have coming in and how we feel when we check emails.

It’s being guilt-free when you don’t stay late to clean out your Inbox even when you feel like your e-mail isn’t under control.

You can achieve Inbox Zero without having an empty inbox!

How much time do you typically spend focusing on email and inbox management each day? Would you rather spend that time and energy on your business and serving clients?

Email is an important and necessary tool for working in today’s environment of instant communication. At the same time, it should not rule your workday.


Changing a few habits and using tools can achieve more organized, stress-free email management.

Don’t check e-mail more than 3 times a day. Email is a communication tool; don’t let it control your day. There’s no reason to keep it open all day or check  messages over and over again. Three times a day should be plenty.

Get to know your email platform’s rules and filters. Gmail and Outlook settings can do a lot of the work for you. For instance, designate a sender’s messages to automatically archive with a label when they come in. The emails will never reach your inbox and will be filed away for when you need them.

Use extensions. Go to your browser’s webstore and type in Gmail. You will see a whole world of new email management tools at your disposal! There are hundreds of extensions to Firefox and Chrome that help manage, organize, color code, label, alert, snooze, file, and schedule emails.

MAILSTROM app helps when you have unread emails and you don’t know what to do with them. A few clicks will organize, filter, archive, or delete inactive messages. There’s even an “Expire” feature that will remove selected messages after a specified time period. You decide what stays and what goes.

SANEBOX app is similar to Mailstrom with a different interface and features. People who delegate emails will find it’s more useful than Mailstrom. SaneBox can prioritize, sort, snooze, and more. It includes a tool that allows your assistant to receive your SaneBox Digest and sort it for you.

SLACK app allows users to reply, snooze, and archive messages while outside of your inbox. You can communicate to multiple people on a single project by creating project channels for them all. Slack is a robust workflow tool that allows users to communicate, deliver files, assign tasks, and organize thoughts in one place. Users can send emails to Slack or user another tool, ASTRO, to manage an inbox directly in Slack.

Sherman Oaks Accounting & Bookkeeping powered by One Source Services, Inc. has achieved Inbox Zero for many clients with proven systems and tools. See what our workflow specialists can do for you!

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